Broadcasters'   Toolkit
Broadcasters'   Toolkit

Find the Talent to Take Your Station into the Future

Many career seekers are not aware of the vast array of jobs available in broadcasting – from HR and sales to engineering and creative design, there are opportunities in front of, and behind, the mic and camera. Working in broadcast media is a fun and rewarding way to make a difference in your community. Below are tips for promoting careers in broadcasting.

Broadcasters can use the tools on this page to reach job seekers and recruit new talent:

  • Customize the :30 spec spot with shots/audio of your talent and community. Air this as often as possible.
  • Embed the social video on your website or pin it on your social channels.
  • Put a callout on your website to the You Belong Here page, where job seekers can find thousands of jobs in broadcasting.
  • Each week, post a social tile encouraging your followers to learn more about careers in broadcasting.
  • Share the long-form video during class presentations and career fairs to showcase how exciting it is to have a career in broadcasting.

Identify schools in your community and state that could be potential partners.

  • Colleges and universities
  • High schools
  • Journalism schools (BEAweb.org is a good resource for identifying these)
  • Reach out to career centers, administrators and educators and visit the schools to make connections.

Think about what your station can offer the students or the school.

  • Participate in existing career days/fairs or offer to host one.
  • Do you have internships to offer? Promote them!
  • Host students for a station visit to see “behind the scenes” and hear from your staff.
  • Sponsor a “lunch and learn” on campus for interested students.
  • Offer a speakers bureau where your local talent speak to classes and participate on panels.
  • Explore whether there are alumni at the station that already have a connection to the school.
  • Partner with a class on a relevant case study project.
  • Offer station staff to speak to campus organizations focused on sales, marketing, business, engineering, creative or communications.
  • Volunteer to be a mentor or coach with a student organization.

What to talk about:

  • Talk about the jobs your station provides on the front lines AND behind the scenes. Share ways your station is making a difference by serving your community.
  • There’s never been a more exciting time to work in broadcast media.
  • Local television and radio stations have a front row seat to history and the pulse on their communities.
  • Broadcasters are proud of their duty to keep Americans informed of what is happening in their town, their nation and their world.
  • Whether you’re a news junkie or a data geek, there’s a place for you.
  • Find a lifelong passion. Make a difference in your community. You belong here.
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